Just getting started with social media or launching a private online community? Or have an existing community that's never lived up to the vendor's promises or a social media presence that's, well, present, but that's about it? I can help with:

  • Getting started: Setting up social media profiles, incorporating social media into your existing communication strategy or creating an integrated marketing strategy, training staff or volunteers.
  • Evaluating performance and course-correcting: Evaluating performance of existing social media channels or private communities and developing strategies to increase engagement and participation.
  • Creating content: All set up but nothing to post to your social outposts? I can help, whether all you need is a little editorial guidance or regular content curation and/or creation.
  • Education: Need to convince your board that hiring staff dedicated to social media or community management is necessary? Looking for a speaker focusing on social media trends or use cases in a specific industry or niche? I'd love to work with you.

Or maybe you keep hearing about the importance of developing your online presence and using social media to stay marketable in your field, but you really have no interest in Tweeting about what you ate for lunch and don't even have a LinkedIn profile? I also offer personalized social media services including:

  • Understanding which social media channels you can't afford to ignore and how you can use them to your professional advantage.
  • Developing a LinkedIn profile that's as impressive as your resume...or a resume from your LinkedIn profile, for that matter.
  • Transitioning from career to consulting--Has it been decades since you've made a career change and want to learn how you can use social media to help you build your new business or make valuable connections? I offer personalized social media training and account set-up.

Or maybe you're just looking for someone who can do some good, old-fashioned writing: newsletters. articles, blog posts, web copy, marketing pieces? I have a degree in English and a long track record as a freelance writer. Check out my LinkedIn profile for some examples of my published articles, or my blog here, posts on Socialfish and posts on ASHAsphere, the blog of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. 

Contact me or send me a note at or via Twitter @maggielmcg