2013 By the Numbers for Mizz Information

Happy new year! February will mark the six year anniversary of Mizz Information....which is both hard for me to believe and not so hard to believe, because it kind of feels like I've been doing this blog forever. Harder still to believe that before Mizz Information, I was already blogging for five years.....that's a LOT of TMI and time spent writing stuff that not many people read. 

At any rate, I figured, what with the focus on visuals being such a big deal in both social media and content marketing, it would be cute to do this post in infographic form. Of course, I then spent about an hour crafting the world's crappiest infographic before deciding that if I wanted anything halfway cute looking, I was going to have to get someone else to do it. So...Fiverr to the rescue. The one skill I wish I had recently is graphic design, because I would have done this a bit differently, but in the interest of doing this post while it's still almost timely, I'm skipping sending this infographic back for revisions and just publishing as-is.

Mizz_Information___Infographics (1).png

On one hand, I don't really care about numbers when it comes to blogging, because I blog for fun, not for money or traffic or any other numbers-related thing. But as blogging has become more time-intensive--new platforms to learn (Squarespace just changed the post editor again), needing to add graphics, etc--it starts to feel a little ridiculous if nobody's reading. I mean, I can write in a journal with a pencil if I truly don't care if anyone's reading, so I must care enough to be spending non-work time doing what amounts to the same thing I do at work all day in my spare time, right? And as my interests have shifted over the past five years and everyone and their brother now blogs about social media, it's started to feel a little like it's time to just wrap it up and move on. So....numbers.

Here is a snapshot of Mizz Information's 2013 traffic stats:

  • Visits: 17,044
  • Unique visitors: 15,020
  • Pageviews: 22,000
  • New visits: 87.67%
  • Top three sources of referral traffic: 1) Twitter 2) Facebook 3) LinkedIn
  • Top organic keywords: "Chromebook for Microsoft Word"
  • 12,833 visits were from desktop; 2,707 were from mobile, and 1,508 from tablets

On one hand, that seems like a lot of traffic. On the other, it seems like not very much....so who knows...and really, who cares when it's just a personal blog? The most popular post, by far, has been this one about using Word with a Chromebook. Every. Single. Day. that is the most read--almost, only read--post on this blog. So if I were going by that intelligence, I'd just start writing more about Chromebook, right? But is writing to keywords what I really want to be doing in my free time? 

Who knows. What I do know is this: social media and blogging have changed a ton over the past five years. The noise on Twitter and other platforms is deafening and defeating--I barely use Twitter anymore because it just feels like a firehose to me. Even though I'm a horrible photographer, I enjoy Instagram the most these days, and have fallen into the idiotic habit of thinking, with everything I do, "Oooh--I need to take a picture of this!" I love Pinterest and spend lots of time there, both for fun and for work. Blogging about social media just feels depressing to me now, so I've switched to blogging about whatever I feel like on Chic n' Geek. Blogging on Wordpress is just so, so much easier than blogging on Squarespace, and I've started caring more and more about what the blog looks like than what the blog says, which is a complete about-face from where I was five years ago. 

So is this the end for my old friend, Mizz Information? I doubt it. But only time will tell, I guess. So happy new year, readers, and thanks for hanging in here with me through the years!