Nonprofit Heads Up: Google Grant Renewals

 (This post originally appeared on Socialfish)

If your association has a Google Grant for AdWords, be on the lookout for a renewal form. Google is requiring that existing grantees who have been in the program for six months or more to submit a renewal form with their current nonprofit status documentation and AdWords Customer ID. Once you receive the renewal request, you’ll have three weeks to submit the required information. Failure to submit the renewal request could mean that your org could lose its Google Grant account.

Google offers this advice to help you gather the necessary information for renewal:

You can start preparing for the renewal window by gathering your nonprofit status documentation and reviewing your AdWords account to ensure it is in compliance with the Google Grants guidelines.

  1. Check that your organization’s nonprofit status is current and valid, as noted by your country’s guidelines. If your nonprofit status has lapsed, you will be ineligible for continued stay in the Google Grants program.
    • For example, an organization had nonprofit status in 2010 and was approved for a Google Grant in 2010. However, the organization lost nonprofit status in 2012, so their Google Grants account will be suspended.
  2. Check that your AdWords account complies with Google Grants policies and guidelines. We recently made a change to our URL policy, so please ensure you make any necessary changes to your AdWords account to ensure you are in compliance.

If your organization doesn’t have a Google Grant, you should look into it–you get $10,000 per month in in-kind AdWords™ advertising, to promote their missions and initiatives on