Hello Chromebook

If you don't already know this about me, I'm hell on electronic things. My husband calls me "magnet fingers" because I break everything electronic--phones, remote controls and, especially, computers. I can't even tell you how many computers I've gone through in the past five years--probably five? In 2010 I thought I had the answer--Mac, of course. Not--I managed to break that too somehow. I think I got a Dell after that, and the an HP after that. The HP was pretty good for a while there....until the battery life started getting shorter and shorter and the bottom of the laptop hotter and hotter. I stuck a meat thermometer under there a few weeks ago just to see how hot it actually was--I am not kidding that it got up to almost 150 degrees!! (I took the photo above when it reached 130 degrees--then it kept going up.) HP did not seem overly alarmed about the prospect of a customer burning their legs on a 150 degree computer and, after initially reaching out to me on Twitter after I was asking for opinions on Chrombooks, never followed up and was, I guess, content knowing that their computers get hot enough to fry something on.

So I just stopped using it and using a computer at home for the most part, which kind of puts a wrench in things in terms of, oh, say, blogging. I love my iPad and everything, but not for blogging.

So last Friday night curiosity got the best of me and I ordered a Samsung Chromebook for $238. I figured it was at least worth a try--better than either continuing to do without a laptop or burning my legs off using it for the 30 minutes of battery life it was good for. 

It arrived yesterday and I have to say I'm half in love. It's tiny--a bit tinier than I'd like, actually--not much bigger than an iPad. Fine for travel but this is my sole computer unless I feel like sitting at a desktop, which I mostly don't. It's light as a feather--I think about one pound. It's adorable and sleek and boots up super quickly and works just fine for my purposes so far. 

If you don't know what a Chromebook is, it's basically a laptop that is only a web browser. No Microsoft Office, no programs at all--just Chrome, Google stuff like Drive, and whatever else you can access on the Internet. Which, for me, is everything I use, so I don't really need a "real" computer.  

My hands are a bit cramped from the keyboard (ok, truthfully, more from playing Pet Rescue Saga and Farm Heroes Saga on Facebook for about a billion hours last night...) and I don't really love the trackpad. And, as I said before, the screen is a bit tiny for old-person eyes like mine. But the battery life is awesome (so far--we'll see how long it lasts with my magnet fingers), it does everything I need a computer to do and doesn't get hot enough to burn a hole through my thighs. All for less than $250--which is way cheaper than an iPad or even a Kindle Fire.