Guest Posts on Mizz Information?

Ever since I added a contact form to my website, I've started getting inquiries about whether or not I accept guest posts. I don't know whether to be flattered or just confused--I guess both. If they actually read this blog they'd know that I blog because I love writing--period. Not for money--I tried that. Luckily not for pageviews or subscribers, or I'd be super sad and stressed worrying about numbers, which doesn't make sense when you blog because you love writing and not for money. So my gut response when I received the guest post inquiries was to laugh it off and think "of course I don't allow guest posts!"

But then it occurred to me: maybe I should allow guest posts. Maybe people would want to read other perspectives here. Maybe I could help someone who is new to blogging and wants exposure (not that there's a ton of exposure over here at Mizz Information, I'll grant you, but hey, I guess some is more than none).

So let me ask you, loyal readers--what do you think about guest posts here? Do you read this blog for information and think it would be better if it wasn't just me chatting about movies and cocktails (I do admit that I think my "cocktails" Pinterest board is getting to be pretty awesome) and ranting about Facebook? Or do you read this blog because it IS just me ranting about Facebook and yammering on about whatever happens to cross my mind on a day that I also happen to have time to blog?  Who knows--maybe it's time to change it up and guest posters is a great idea.