Google Reader: Going, Going, Gone

As of today, Google Reader is a thing of the past. A truly stupid move on Google's part, in my opinion. Google Reader drove a ton of traffic and hundreds of thousands (if not more--couldn't find a recent stat at a quick glance) of users, as evidenced by sending over 500k new users to Feedly within a matter of days after announcing the impending shut-down. Why would Google, who is struggling valiantly to build an engaged user base on Google+, shut down a service that had a ton of daily active users instead of just pulling Reader into Google+, something that would have dramatically increased the number of people actually using that platform? Who knows. Bottom line: it was a stupid move and one Google will likely regret, I would think.

 At any rate, if you read Mizz Information through Google Reader don't forget to either re-subscribe through whatever new reader you switch to (here are some good suggestions) or subscribe via email. I'll miss you if you're gone for good!

And if anyone knows of any good reason Google may have had for shutting down Reader, by all means, please share.