Review and Giveaway--Social Change Any Time Everywhere

 My cat, Lil' Delicious, grudgingly posing with Social Change Any Time Everywhere

My cat, Lil' Delicious, grudgingly posing with Social Change Any Time Everywhere

Allyson Kapin is a friend and crazy smart, so when she said she was writing a book with Amy Sample Ward, I knew it would be good. I was wrong; the book, Social Change any Time Everywhere, is not just good--it's great. If you're part of a nonprofit that's unsure how to navigate the changing landscape of fundraising and online communication, this book is absolutely a must-read. Full of case studies, examples, discussion questions, tips and more, it's great for both organizations that are struggling to ramp up their online fundraising efforts or those that are already well on their way but are looking for next steps to success.

As I've blogged and spoken about many times before, there's a vast difference between what brands are investing in terms of online communications and social media staffing and what nonprofits are investing, and I was happy to see Allyson and Amy address this in the book. A few snippets from the book with regard to social media staffing:

  • Nonprofits who invest in social media staff raise more money via social media
  • 30% of successful social media fundraisers dedicate at least two staff to social media management
  • Organizations who raise money on social media spend money--on Facebook ads, content creation, design, etc.

To me, the most important theme in the book is that nonprofits often see themselves as unable to invest in technology and people who know how to use it, so remain frozen in what used to work territory and doom themselves to becoming less and less effective. Allyson and Amy's message to those orgs? 

Invest in people or fade away.

There is simply no getting around it--if your org wants to survive and thrive in today's increasingly digital landscape, it must invest in the resources necessary to staff and run effective multichannel communication and fundraising efforts. The book does a great job at addressing how to start moving your org toward being able to operate effectively in an anytime, everwhere world, including workplace culture, staffing, tearing down silos and more. 

So here's your chance to win a copy of the book! I've never used Rafflecopter before, so apologies if there is some kind of mess up--if there is, I'll come back and fix it. Login to the widget below for instructions on how to enter. I'll post  the winner here once the giveaway ends at 11:59 pm ET on March 18, 2013.

(Disclaimer: I received a review copy of this book from the publisher, but am providing the winner's copy myself. I did not receive any compensation for this post and none of the links in the post affiliate links)