Pins of the Week: Pinterest Changes, Google Analytics...and a Cocktail

Pinterest has a new look (I personally don't like it--I personally need more white/gray space to be able to process individual images) but it's becoming my go-to source of information and I continue to find out about great stuff there. A bit confusing to navigate lately, though--they seem to be experimenting with feature changes, first taking away capabilities like embedding pins and using hashtags, then adding them back (see #1 below for details). Five of my favorite finds from the past week (or so):

1) Pinterest changes. This is a great infographic representation of what's new and/or has recently changed on Pinterest. Interesting to note the "features removed"--hashtags (right when Facebook is allegedly hopping on the hashtag bandwagon, too), no more links in pin descriptions, no more Facebook liking of boards (never knew you could do that to begin with), and decrease in the number of characters in a pin description. Weirdly, the last Pins of the Week post I wrote mentioned that the embed feature was no longer working; now it seems that the embed pin feature is back and you must use it to link to a pin; using just the url to link to a pin apparently will result in a broken link.

2) Google Analytics as Infographics. This is the coolest use of infographics I've seen in a long time--and actually useful. You can now get your Google analytics translated into a weekly infographic which I actually found really useful.

3) HTML 5 Cheatsheet. This seems like a handy reference for new HTML 5 tags. Kind of long for an infographic, but handy as a bookmark anyway.

4) Google Capture for Hangouts. Google recently announced a new app that allows you to capture photos of a hangout and sharing them with all participants.

5) Strawberry Citrus Vodka Cocktail. Perfect cocktail for a spring weekend. What, it's not the weekend yet and hardly feels like spring? Ah--close enough, right?