Pins of the Week--Tech, Decor and a Lavender Cocktail

It's that time of the week again--time for just a few of the things that caught my eye on Pinterest this past week. For those who think Pinterest is just for wedding, baby, nail and style pictures, have you tried browsing the Technology category? I hadn't ever looked at that view before but figured you all might not want to see five pins of different cocktails or Blythe dolls so wondered if I'd be able to find anything cool in that section, and I was pleasantly surprised--it was like my Google+ feed except with actual activity (sorry Google+--I keep trying to use you and find you useful, but so far, it's still mostly crickets over there). Anyway, without further ado, here are my picks for this weeks' pins of the week.

1) Why Pinterest Marketers are Going Rogue--interesting article about Pinterest's slowness to provide some simple business needs like analytics, so third parties are beating them to the punch. I predict the same fate for these third parties as those who did the same-ish thing back before Twitter clamped down on third party clients. It will be great for third parties for a while, then Pinterest will eventually cut off the firehose once they're ready to scale and provide those metrics and services themselves.

Source: via Maggie on Pinterest

2) Tablet That Turns Itself Lumpy--I actually heard about this a few weeks ago from Patrick (my husband), but it's so cool I was glad to find it again on Pinterest.

Source: via Maggie on Pinterest

3) Community Management Cheat Sheet--no explanation necessary--just an actually useful infographic that isn't a mile long. Imagine that.
Source: via Maggie on Pinterest

4) Skirted Dressing Table--Ok, so enough business....don't you want this skirted dressing table? I do, and those curtains, and the chair, lamps, pillow....

5) Lavender Meyer Lemon Tom Collins--I won't bore you with the multiple lavender cocktails I found on Pinterest this past week, but yum...

Happy Pinning! And happy Valentine's Day ;)