Pins of the Week: Content Marketing E-Book, Candy Crush Saga Hack, and Ewok Hat for Your Cat

If you still question the value of Pinterest, all I have to say is that if, after seeing these five pins, you still don't see why Pinterest is so awesome for finding basically everything on the planet, you are probably immune to its charms and needn't give it anymore thought. After all, where else can you come across all this awesome, all in one place, and all in such a visually-appealing way?

1) “A Brand Manager’s Guide To Content Marketing In Social Media: 20 Areas of Excellence To Ensure ROI." Really good 72-page ebook written by Brian Carter (friend) and 25 other thought leaders today (honored to be included).

2) Social Media Explained With Coffee. If you're tired of coming up with elaborate explanations of what each social media platform is, you'll appreciate the simplicity of this infographic.

3) The Shift to Visual Social Media. Stats galore about how and why visuals rule right now.

4) Candy Crush Saga Hack for infinite lives. This time last week I didn't know what Candy Crush Saga was. In case you don't, it's a stupid, addictive game that either makes you beg Facebook friends for lives or purchase them. Unless you know the trick for infinite lives. Just don't forget to switch your  device's date back to the current date when you're done or none of your apps will work right and you'll sit there screaming at it until you figure out that it's your fault, and you'll feel stupid, like I did.

5) Ewok hat for your cat. Because my cat, Lil' Delicious, totally needs one of these.