Pins of the Week

I've alluded to it before and I'll come out and say it again now: I'm obsessed with Pinterest. Especially since "doing" Pinterest is no longer part of my job (although now that it's not, I admit I totally miss it) and now I use it purely for fun, I spend a decent amount of time on Pinterest most evenings. So I figure, why not share some of the stuff I'm finding/loving/sharing on Pinterest here? That way, for those of you who have not yet succumbed to the rabbit hole that is Pinterest but are hearing more and more about it in the context of business, you can get a glimpse of what the hell it is, and for those of you who are already on Pinterest, you might find some new boards to follow. Worst case, it gives me a chance to spend more time on Pinterest ;) So here are just a handful of the things that caught my eye on Pinterest this past week:

1) Gardening apps
Source: via Maggie on Pinterest

2) How to save a copy of your Pinterest boards as a PDF. I never thought about it but now that I saw this I will probably lose sleep at night worrying about my pins disappearing forever. Sorry it's so tiny but otherwise it was huge.

3) Panera-esque mac & cheese. I made this for the Superbowl and added lump crab meat and it actually tasted good (not always a sure-thing when I cook).

4) This crusty cottage 

5) This green paint has me thinking about repainting my foyer. Well, getting my husband to repaint it, at least.