Movie Recap 2012

Guess what time it is? Movie recap time! In case you're new to this blog, I'm obsessed with going to the movies. I watch movies at home too, but mostly I like going to the movies--just ask my kids; it's basically the only recreational thing I like to do. As much as they make fun of me for being so single-minded, I will say that either one or both kids went to the majority of these movies with me or Patrick and me, so apparently I'm rubbing off on them.

So I've been doing this annual recap post since 2009, with a goal of seeing more movies each year than I saw the preceding year. In 2008 I saw 50 movies. In 2009, I saw 53. In 2010, 57. And last year was a blow-out at 64. Which set the bar high for this year...both in time and dollars. But thanks to Discover partner gift cards and AMC Stubs points (not that they're sponsors or anything, just from our own spending), we get a lot of free tickets. So, did I top last year's 64 movies?

Drumroll...number of movies I saw in 2012: 65 66 (Update: I forgot one--thanks ImLizzyJay for reminding me about Pitch Perfect!). Technically, I saw 71 new movies in 2012, thanks to the fact that this year Verizon Fios started offering some movies on demand at the same time that they're playing in theaters and the fact that new movies now come out pretty quickly on DVD, but I'm not counting those in the tally. 

Ok, so here we go. In case you haven't read my previous year's movie recap posts, this is my rating system: sucked, rocked or meh, followed by best and worst movies of 2012. The ones with an * are movies I saw at home.

  1. The Descendants--This was a 2011 movie, but I didn't see it until January of 2012. Even though it got all kinds of accolades, I personally only gave it a meh. Maybe a meh plus.
  2. The Devil Inside--Meh.
  3. Tintin--Rocked. This movie was gorgeous, and a rare movie that was probably worth shelling out to see in 3D. Not to mention that Tintin looked exactly like my husband, Patrick.
  4. The Artist--again, a 2011 movie, but I didn't see it until 2012. This movie is SUBMLIME--seriously, one of the most gorgeous films I've ever seen. Patrick hated it, though, so there's that...but I still say it ROCKED times a hundred.
  5. Contraband--Rocked.
  6. Underworld: The Awakening--Visually fun, but meh.
  7. The Gray--I'd say rocked with a lower-case "r" was good but not great, and too long, and you'll feel cold for a month after seeing it.
  8. The Woman in Black--I'm pretty sure this sucked, because even looking at the trailer I can hardly remember anything about it.
  9. Safe House--Rocked. And Denzel is in it, so even better.
  10. The Vow--Meh.
  11. Gone--Meh.
  12. Friends with Kids--Cute but meh.
  13. 21 Jump Street--ROCKED. Hilarious.
  14. Chronicle--meh.
  15. Good Deeds--as much as I love Tyler Perry--and I love him a lot--this movie was not as good as  the previews made it look. I give it a meh plus, because it's Tyler Perry...but if you're not a fan, you probably will give it a meh.
  16. Jeff, Who Lives at Home--Meh.
  17. John Carter--Visually, was cool, but pretty meh. My son liked it a lot, though (he's 14).
  18. Think Like a Man--Fun, but meh.
  19. The Hunger Games--Rocked, but a bit of a disappointment if you read the book.
  20. The Wrath of the Titans--Meh plus, for being fun to watch but forgettable.
  21. American Reunion--Meh.
  22. The Cabin in the Woods--Rocked, if for no other reason than the twist at the end. Not a typical scary movie.
  23. House at The End of The Street--This movie did not rock, but it didn't suck...but somehow I don't want to give it a meh. It was better than meh suspense-wise, but not as good as it looked like it would be from the trailer.
  24. The Five Year Engagement--Cute, but meh.
  25. Safe--rocked, with a small "r." Ok, wait, Jason Statham was in it, so I better make that a capital "r."
  26. The Avengers--Sigh is what I want to give this movie...I'm so tired of Marvel movies. But I admit that they're fun. So Meh plus. And husband and son loved it.
  27. The Dictator--Sadly, this movie SUCKED. Sorry, Borat.
  28. What to Expect When You're Expecting--I thought this was pretty cute and better than I thought it would be. But pretty meh, unless you're into baby movies, which I guess I am.
  29. Men in Black 3--Sadly, this was only meh.
  30. Battleship--Rocked.
  31. Rock of Ages--I can't believe I spent actual money to see this movie--it was terrible. Ok, maybe not terrible, but meh in the tiniest letters possible.
  32. Snow White and the Huntsman--Meh.
  33. Prometheus--Rocked.
  34. That's My Boy--Funny, but I laugh at anything. So it definintely didn't rock but it didn't suck.
  35. Magic Mike--Yum. I mean, meh as a movie, but, really, are we watching it for the movie quality or to see Chaning Tatum practically naked?
  36. The Amazing Spider-Man--Sigh is what I mostly give meh.
  37. Ted--This movie got panned but I thought it was hilarious. So, rocked, as far as I'm concerned.
  38. Dark Knight Rises--Rocked, and my son's favorite movie of the year and possibly ever.
  39. The Watch--This looked like it was going to be stupid as hell but was actually pretty funny. I don't know I'd go as far as saying it rocked, but I liked it and would watch it again.
  40. Step Up Revolution*--I loved Step Up 1, 2 and 3 but this movie SUCKED. Glad I didn't see it in the theater.
  41. The Bourne Legacy--Rocked.
  42. Total Recall--meh.
  43. The Campaign--Had some funny parts, but not as funny as most Will Ferrell movies.
  44. The Expendables 2--Yes, I saw this. And yes, it sucked.
  45. Premium Rush--If you like adrenaline movies (I do), you'll like this.
  46. Queen of Versailles--OMG I am obsessed with this movie. Just depressing and fascinating and gross and awesome. 
  47. Sinister--This was seriously one of the scariest movies EVER. And I see a lot of scary movies. It rocked just for sheer scariness. I'm still scared just thinking about it.
  48. The Possession--Meh.
  49. Resident Evil: Retribution--Fun but meh.
  50. Looper--Rocked.
  51. Savages--Disappointing. I thought it would be much better; it sort of sucked.
  52. Skyfall--Rocked. Obviously.
  53. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2--Yes, I saw this, even though part one was my contender for worst movie of 2011. And somehow this one was better. Definitely didn't rock, but didn't suck.
  54. Silver Linings Playbook--Loved this movie. Will definitely get nominated for an Oscar, and I'd bet money on Bradley Cooper getting at least a nomination for best actor, if not winning.
  55. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey--I want to live in a hobbit hole!! This movie was awesome, but I can't believe I have to wait a year or however long for the next part.
  56. Life of Pi--This movie was gorgeous, will definitely get an Oscar nomination.
  57. This is 40--This movie was pretty good but LONG. It was also sort of depressing if you're 40+...but my kids loved it and thought it was hilarious.
  58. To Rome With Love--It pains me to say this movie SUCKED. What a letdown after Midnight in Paris.
  59. Arbitrage*--Rocked.
  60. End of Watch--Rocked, but sad as hell.
  61. Argo--Rocked. Will probably win the Oscar, and Ben Affleck will probably win best actor.
  62. Alex Cross--Loved Tyler Perry as Alex Cross. I thought this movie rocked, but I'm an Alex Cross junkie.
  63. Paranormal Activity 4--Not as scary as the previous ones, but still good. Meh if you don't like Paranormal Activity movies, rocked if you do (I do).
  64. Flight--Honestly, the previews made this movie look way better than it turned out to actually be. Even Denzel cannot save this movie from being only Meh plus.
  65. Playing for Keeps--Meh.
  66. The Bay*--This movie was billed as being "scarier than Paranormal Activity" but it wasn't, IMO. It was ok but that's about it. I did appreciate being able to see it on demand since it was only in a few theaters.
  67. Django Unchained--Rocked. I'd bet on Jamie Foxx and/or Samuel L. Jackson winning best supporting actor.
  68. Parental Guidance--OMG SUCKED. This movie was just awkward and depressing and proof positive that both Billy Chrystal and Bette Middler need to retire.
  69. 360*--I loved this; Patrick would have hated it if he'd watched it with me.
  70. Pitch Perfect--Thank you ImLizzyJay for reminding me I'd seen this! She's right--it did rock.
  71. Nobody Walks*--I thought this was pretty good but not great.
So, worst movie of 2012? I'd say it's a tie between The Dictator and To Rome With Love. I guess I'm more disappointed in Woody Allen for sucking this bad, but technically, The Dictator was worse.

And best movie of 2012? I'd say The Artist, but that was a 2011 movie and already won a well-deserved Oscar, so I'd say it's a three-way tie: Argo, for actual quality movie, 21 Jump Street for funny, and Queen of Versailles for just crazy yet a must-see.

If I have one wish for 2013 it's that someone comes up with the equivalent of Goodreads for movies so I can track the ones I see more easily. Seen is supposed to be that but it's confusing as hell to me. I guess GetGlue could be ok for this purpose but for whatever reason I don't tend to use it for movies, and Good Films looked ok at first glance but I need something like Goodreads that lets you have a "seen" list and sorts it by year. I did start a Pinterest board at the beginning of 2012 where I intended to keep my movie list with ratings, but I only kept up with it for a few weeks. Maybe I'll try that again for 2013 and try to be better about keeping up with it.