New Look, New Site

So for a while now (read: years) I've been thinking how crappy my blog looked and how I really needed to get off Blogger, but I just never wanted to take the time to actually create something better. Blogger was just so easy, with the widgets and the templates and these days I barely have time to write blog posts, let alone design and develop a whole new site. So I did what I'm awesome at: procrastinated and did nothing. Then I decided I was tired of looking at my crappy Blogger template blog and did what I don't have the luxury of doing at work but do have the power to do in my regular life: delegated. That is to say, paid someone to do it. So voila--behold!

In true FIO style, I didn't really think it through and figured that even though the blog is still called Mizz Information I'd just buy and build have it still be called Mizz Information. Unfortunately for me, once the site was live I realized that it would have made way more sense to have the new site just be Suffice it to say that domain mapping apparently isn't my forte because I've managed to totally send into cyberspace while trying to transfer the domain over I guess it is, for now. I have to admit right about now, while I like the look of this new blog, I am homesick for crappy old Google Blogger, as there's no preview feature on Squarespace (that I know about, yet, at least) and I'm pretty sure all my old comments and subscribers and images are forever gone....but, I digress.

Anyway, I'm working on transferring subscriptions over from the old blog, but in the meantime the whopping 524 subscribers it took me like five years to accumulate? Gone. So if you used to subscribe to Mizz Information and would still like to receive it, your best bet would probably be to subscribe again. And by the way, yes, that's Feedburner....I gave up on Feedblitz and am taking my chances with Feedburner for now. 

Update: apparently domain mapping IS my forte because it worked! Not sure about the subscriber migration, though.