Three Movie Apps I'm Loving

If you read this blog or know me, you know I'm obsessed with going to the movies. What with it being the weekend and all, I figured I'd blog about a few cool movie-related apps I've recently started using.

Huge hat tip to Sandra Giarde for telling me about RunPee. RunPee tells you the best times to run to the bathroom during any movie. Running late? It also gives you a synopsis of the first five minutes of a movie in case you've missed it. 

This next one sounds cool in theory but I have yet to actually have it work. Foursquare recently incorporated several connected apps, one of which is movie-related: After Credits. Supposedly when you connect your Foursquare account to this app (which you have to do from the web version, rather than the app, I believe, but I'm not positive) then check in to a movie, it will warn you when the movie you've checked into has something worth sticking around for during the credits. 

The last one is another I have yet to actually use but have connected and am ready to try: Fandango integration with the iPhone's new Passbook app. Actually downloading Passbook is the trickiest part of the whole deal--or maybe it's gotten easier after the initial rush of people tried and weren't able to download it when it first came out. (That workaround worked for me, btw.)

Now all I need to make my mobile/movie-going experience perfect is for Discover to enable eCertificates for redeeming cashback bonus bucks for AMC and Regal gift cards.